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BMS innovations for a resilient clean energy future

Realize the full potential of your battery assets through our innovative solutions for electric mobility and energy storage systems

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Machine learning based Recommendations

Identifies problems to improve battery and motor life

Keeps CO2 emission in check

Live commands from the cloud

Improve performance on the go

Set State of Charge (SOC) limits for your vehicles

Cloud handles 1 million concurrency

Innovative solutions for an effortless experience

Scalable BMS platform

Analytics based recommendations

Continuously monitors and adjusts battery parameters for improved range and safety

Modify the SOC limits for better performance as battery ages

Keeps CO2 emissions in check

Improves performance on the go

Two way communication between BMS and cloud servers for better control over operating environment

Cloud handles 1 million concurrency

Offering exclusive features
exploring infinite possibilities


Our solutions are scalable from 48V to up to 960V with a seamless operation between primary and secondary, or distributed modules with a central communication.


Our cloud analytics platform allows you to configure various factors 'on the go' to get continuous improvements in range and efficiency.


Our cloud analytics platform analyses critical issues well in advance and allows you to configure various factors to continuously improve the range and efficiency.

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Next-Generation Powertrain Platform

Optimize battery management for performance and range extension

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Introducing the future of BMS monitoring

BMS Hardware

Designed to be compact and sleek. The cutting-edge BMS also provides efficient energy storage and transport for all its users.

Cloud Platform

Powertrain management is connected to a digital twin which allows real-time behavioral modifications. Get granular control over each ECU function.

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